Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I've moved!

Twisted Whimsy has a new website and blog, please stop by and visit us here:


Saturday, October 19, 2013

RAW Baltimore Semi-Finals!!

Super stoked to have been voted one of the top three accessory designers for RAW Artists Baltimore! Such an honor and motivator to keep doing my heart work.

It's been awhile since I've posted. I can't believe how time moves. But lots of new jewelry love has headed to the shop lately, be sure to swing by and check it out! xoxox

Sunday, March 10, 2013

honoring our tide

I have been hibernating but warmer weather is on the way. I heard the peepers, in the woods, on my jog yesterday and knew my soul was starting to stir as well. I can't believe my last post was on the first day of this year.

Most winters I fall into a sadness. This year I had my moments but am learning to honor the ebb and flow that my body needs. 

I am strongest in the morning light. My creativity, my mind, my body are rushing in at full tide when I wake up.

I must be outside for periods throughout the day (and night). Even when the earth is quiet and frozen.  My senses have grown to hear so many sounds of nature, looking up at the stars, watching the moon grow and shrink to dark. I feel small but in a good way.

I love my animals more than people. Perhaps I need to work on this flow but for now they are important to my soul and I will alter my day to spend time with THEM and share my love with them.

I enjoy sleeping. My body needs sleep. My dreams are vivid and full of messages. I cherish that time.  

I need quiet time later in the day, probably more than most people need. To just sit, to be, to do nothing, to rest my mind and not think. I must have moments to not be a graphic designer, an artist, a sister, a daughter. To let the shit of the day wash out with the tide and leave fresh sand and shells to find.

How do you honor your tide?


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Memory/Gratitude Jar

Reason 5,456,798 that I love Pinterest...
I found this posting for a DIY Memory Jar. What a fun idea, right!

So I decided to make one for myself and include not only good memories for 2013 but all the beautiful things I am grateful for. Then next New Years Eve I can empty it out and reflect on the past year and all the wonder that fill my life.

So super easy to do. All you need is a jar and fun stuff to decorate it with, then just fill it with love.
Have FUN! & Happy New Year!


Sunday, December 30, 2012

Freebie Fun!

I wanted to pop in and say thanks to all the beauties who joined me for Feel the Love, Pass it On. It was so much fun to create the messages each day, and while I started with the thought to send love and gratitude to others, I was hugged back with reminders to stop and breathe myself.

I hope everyone is having a fun holiday season and this new year brings lots of love and dreams that bloom into reality.

Some freebie fun! Desktop Wallpaper just for you! 

Click on the link for the size you need, a new page will open up...then just right click to save the image and set it to your desktop wallpaper!


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Feel the Love. Pass it On.

Super excited as I sit down to plan out and write some of the emails for Feel the Love. Pass it On. 30 Days of Grounding in Gratitude. A free offering for love and inspiration through out the holidays. (Sign up here on my blog to join the mailing list!)

Each day you'll receive an email with words... images... art and love. And there are some beautiful souls who are contributing to the offering. Shelly Norris was the first to answer my call for people who wanted to participate. She is a bubbling, gorgeous person with a huge heart. 

She recently spread her lovely wings, and started Soul Fire Retreats. Her offering where "Shift Happens" and her vision is to help heal one beautiful soul at a time!

Her first beautiful retreat will be in February and it's not to be missed!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Note to Self

As pieces of me crack open in souLstorm, pieces I did not expect to be revealed... I am looking to spider as a reminder to return to my center each day and to commit to my intention and legacy. To stop complaining gather my shit and MOVE my ass out of the stagnant flow.

The following started as a reminder to me but I hope it touches you as well.
We organize our time and energy around our goals. They help give direction to our lives. And committing to and visualizing those goals can assist in reaching them BUT it’s not necessarily the same as setting an intention. And often when our goals don't shake down the way we thought they should, we don't have our intentions to bring us back to center.
With goals the future is what our mind is occupied with. Setting intention, at least according to Buddhist teachings, is quite different than goal making. It is not oriented toward a future outcome. Instead, it is a path or practice that is focused on how you are "being" in the present moment. Your focus is on the “now”, this precious moment, in the ever changing ebb and flow of life. We set our intentions based on what matters most to us and then align our worldly actions with our heart values.
Intentions need love, we can’t just set them and then ignore. We live them every day, by surrounding ourselves with reminders, filling our baskets with our “word”, meditating on them, reflecting and committing to them. Through these actions our intentions bloom.
Being grounded in our intentions is what helps us regain our mental footing, a way to establish ourselves in a context that is larger and more meaningful than our goal-oriented activities.
Each time we reconnect to our intention, we move closer to finding your own authenticity and freedom.
In that moment, you are remembering yourself and grounding your life in your heart's intention.