Sunday, March 10, 2013

honoring our tide

I have been hibernating but warmer weather is on the way. I heard the peepers, in the woods, on my jog yesterday and knew my soul was starting to stir as well. I can't believe my last post was on the first day of this year.

Most winters I fall into a sadness. This year I had my moments but am learning to honor the ebb and flow that my body needs. 

I am strongest in the morning light. My creativity, my mind, my body are rushing in at full tide when I wake up.

I must be outside for periods throughout the day (and night). Even when the earth is quiet and frozen.  My senses have grown to hear so many sounds of nature, looking up at the stars, watching the moon grow and shrink to dark. I feel small but in a good way.

I love my animals more than people. Perhaps I need to work on this flow but for now they are important to my soul and I will alter my day to spend time with THEM and share my love with them.

I enjoy sleeping. My body needs sleep. My dreams are vivid and full of messages. I cherish that time.  

I need quiet time later in the day, probably more than most people need. To just sit, to be, to do nothing, to rest my mind and not think. I must have moments to not be a graphic designer, an artist, a sister, a daughter. To let the shit of the day wash out with the tide and leave fresh sand and shells to find.

How do you honor your tide?