Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A little self-care is good for us all!

I've been going a bit inward lately, attending the SouLodge with a group of wonderous sisters, realizing that I have all of these ideas stirring in my head, heart & soul. Creative needs, business wants, life expectations but they always seem to stop at ideas. I rarely move forward with a lot of things that I know are meaningful and that I want. I've placed this wall, this barrier that keeps me from moving forward and honestly I think often keeps people out. But I feel changes coming and a new strength that's helping me take some well needed baby steps to complete projects and get to goals.

Part of this self-care has opened up a vision on the world around me, nature in particular. Sounds corny, I know. But I've never been a fan of winter and this year I find myself enjoying early morning cold walks with my dog. Listening to all the birds chatter and taking it all in.

The weather in Maryland has been a bit warm but we had a bit of snow the other day and it was so fun to run in the backyard with Crosby and look up as the huge snowflakes fell. Ahhhh, I've got a little room to breathe the fresh air and it feels so good. I hope to meditate on this feeling and keep it going for 2012.