Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life Under Glass

Spring is in full bloom here in Maryland. I can not get enough of putting my hands in the dirt and planting flowers and getting the garden beds ready. I would sit outside with my feet in the grass and my face to the sun, all day, everyday, if I could. 

I work with a woman who is severely allergic to any type of flower or plant, so I'm unable to have any at my desk. Then I saw Etsy was having a workshop on terriums and I thought what a great idea! Little green life all enclosed and under glass, for my desk! So of course I'm all over Pinterest looking for ideas! I especially love the ones that reuse glasswear that would otherwise be tossed.

Have you guys tried any DIY terrariums? What fun containers can you think to reuse? I'm on a search for something fun to use!

All pictures are either property of Twisted Whimsy or from Pinterest.