Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Vision Board

Much has changed in my life since my 20s, I’m not at all what I thought I would be. I’m still single, no children and doing the polar opposite of what I went to college for. But I’m ok with that. Actually more than ok with it. 

While I do yearn to find someone special to live out my days with and share special moments along side, I am beyond blessed to have 3 nephews I love more than life and a fourth on the way. Sisters that I could not live without and 2 cats and dog that make me smile and laugh every day. Their wet noses and kisses that greet me when I come home each day from work make my heart grow and appreciate all the creatures of this world.

And while I’m on the right road to where I want to be I’m not quite there yet. And I suppose it is all a journey to be enjoyed but there is a simple and specific way I yearn to live. Perhaps it is because I’m edging closer to 40 and the days go by with such speed it often takes my breath away. Or perhaps it’s another year coming to a fast close… but I’m feeling a sense of longing and that changes are needed. 

There is power in coming up with visions for your life, and keeping them in your sights as they come into being. 

The new moon is a magical time, one for new beginnings, goals and wishes take root, as you reach out for spiritual wisdom and draw on unseen and magical allies. 

Over the next month I’m going to pay particular attention to my longings… what images, dreams and streams of thought do they conjure up and then put them into a vision board that I will release that night of the next new moon, Dec. 24th. 

Some call it co-creating, since you're opening up to the energies of the universe in order to set your dreams in motion. But the idea is to think big and to pick images and words that really stir a visceral response in me, things that I’m really clear on wanting for my life. Once together, my plan is to place my board in a place where I can see it every day as a reminder of keeping these visions real and alive.

Stay tuned for sneak peeks as I work through images and ideas.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fall Fun in the Mud

I let Crosby out after a little rain storm last week and boy did he have some fun! Although on Friday his talent for dirt digging got him stung by something and his poor face swelled up like a balloon, even his eyes swelled shut. We rushed off to the vet and after a bit of watching over and a few good doses of Benedryl he's as good as new! I'm certain I'll be one of the few people who carries an epi-pen for their dog! But I love him lots :)