Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Life Under Glass

Spring is in full bloom here in Maryland. I can not get enough of putting my hands in the dirt and planting flowers and getting the garden beds ready. I would sit outside with my feet in the grass and my face to the sun, all day, everyday, if I could. 

I work with a woman who is severely allergic to any type of flower or plant, so I'm unable to have any at my desk. Then I saw Etsy was having a workshop on terriums and I thought what a great idea! Little green life all enclosed and under glass, for my desk! So of course I'm all over Pinterest looking for ideas! I especially love the ones that reuse glasswear that would otherwise be tossed.

Have you guys tried any DIY terrariums? What fun containers can you think to reuse? I'm on a search for something fun to use!

All pictures are either property of Twisted Whimsy or from Pinterest.


  1. I gave out little air plant terrariums for Christmas and made one for myself too. I just re-purposed some glass globe style votive holders, added some polished river rocks and added the air plants. No dirt needed and they're pretty hardy little plants! They went over really well and I think I only spent a few dollars per gift.

    Before the cat broke it, I also used to have some succulents in a little glass fishbowl with layers of soil and pea gravel. It gave it a pretty banded look.

    1. oh! Good point about the cats! I have two and they both love to knock things over, especially if it's made of glass :)

  2. I Haven't made one since I was a kid but they are so lovely :)

    The syrup jug, really cool :)

    I see you know how it feels to be on the FP of Etsy, Congrats on your treasury :)

    Off to check out your shop :)

    Thanks for stopping by and the "congrats" that was so sweet :)

    Have a great evening, cheers, T. :)