Sunday, September 16, 2012

21 Days

Yesterday marked day 1 of 21 days of gratitude and self-care, in honor of the bravest woman I know. She knows who she is and I want to document the next 21 days she'll be away from me, to let her know she is on my mind every second and I am next to her, holding her hand every brave step she takes.

I drove myself to my favorite park for a jog, so that her sweet air could coat my lungs. Sat with my tea in the backyard at sunset...grateful for the healing that mama earth brings us every day and grateful for wet noses that are never far from my side...

I wrote these words...
All is Well (thank you Maya)

I wish to live...
light, lively, abundant, 
vibrant, liberated, knotless, 
colorful, rich, accepting, 
forgiving, loving, open, 
humorous, inspiring, gentle, 
mindful, layered, rich, 
explorative, full, connected

When you unschool those negative thoughts that fire in your brain to your heart, amazing things WILL happen. New affirmations are mapped, connections are made and discoveries unburied. 

How do you wish to live?

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