Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day Three

*Ralph Steadman, Alice in Wonderland

Sharing my ever deepening gratitude for my souLodge and souLstorm sisters. I've never met any of them face-to-face but there is a deep connection to them all, they are forever woven into the fibers of my heart and soul for many lives to come.

These are real women, changing the world with a fierce love. And moving mountains so others can experience joy and success and happiness and peace... find discoveries and connections and healing.

They will travel down the rabbit hole and hand you a light, they will send you energy from across the globe, they will hold your hand and lend you a shoulder. They use my favorite word - fuck - almost daily. They dream without limitations, honor each other and covet generosity. They make me laugh every day, respect my dance with the shadows but etch the pathway with brightness so I can find my way out.
I've learned more from them in the past year, and am inspired by them hourly.
Aho my sisters. Much Love!


  1. Aho my sister! Deep soul dive love drenched hugs and kisses to you! what power in your words! What awareness, humility and grace in your words! what giving, generosity and thoughtfulness in your words! Fuck dude! i LOVE you!!

  2. Muwaaahh, and taking your hand I smile, shall we traverse some more rabbit holes, cracking open to let the light shine in as we go... Fuck yeah ;)