Monday, January 9, 2012

A Full Moon

I found this beautiful picture on Pinterest.

I was sitting on my couch yesterday evening and suddenly took a pause when I noticed the moon rising into the tops  of the trees. So white with this flare of light glowing around it.

I've always pulled strength from the sun. Especially in the winter months. I find the sunniest spot in my house, site cross-legged on the floor and soak in the golden warmth. But this winter solstice I did a releasing ceremony with the awesome guidance of Pixie Campbell. And for the first time, I think in my life, I've followed the moon through this cycle with awareness...watching its enchantment changed each night. And this evening as I sit on the couch I find myself soaking in the sparkling ivory warmth from this full moon. It's like its light is shining directly into my window and landing on my soul. Stirring my creative spirit and coating me in protection. I find myself gaining strength now from the moon. 

"Don't be afraid to move forward with your passions, dive in, actively participate in your life!" -That's what I imagine its saying to me tonight :)

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