Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Another year... older!

Wow, I can not believe my last post was before the holidays. How the days fly by. Such a reminder to stop and savor.

Today as we move into the 3rd day of 2012 I am celebrating another year of this life. A simple but amazing thing happened to me this morning. Some back story... during my releasing ceremony for winter solstice, one of the things I let go of was worry about what others think of me. My aunt gave me a gift card for Christmas and I found this fabulous outfit that was fun and bright and different from what I feel I "have" to wear to my boring corporate job. It was these great mustard yellow cords and funky chevron sweater. I decided it would be a great birthday outfit and fun for first day back to work since the holiday time off. I got dressed, put on a new necklace I just made this weekend (pics to come!) it went perfect with the pants. I felt good and then... I stood in front of the mirror and the doubt started to sink in. The pants are too bright, I know people are going to say things. Any other day this would have turned into a 20 minute ordeal of me trying to find another outfit, more fitting for work, another boring black shirt with plain old pants. And then! I remembered that I had let go of that worry and you know what, it allowed me to just smile and enjoy my outfit. I still got the comments and looks at work but I let it roll off. My birthday wish... that I can continue this courage throughout 2012!

Peace & Whimsy,

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