Sunday, July 15, 2012

Looking from Above

Sometimes we have to close our eyes and reopen them with a new perspective.

We look forward so much. In the car, our eyes are glued to the traffic ahead. At work, we glare blindly straight at the computer screen. Or ahead from the couch to the TV or iPhone.

I learned a lesson the other week, so focused on my task to clear out overgrown brush in my yard... I didn't look down to see the poison ivy surrounding me (which led to the most horrible itchy rash I've had since the chicken pox when I was 7!) 

We can learn a lot from our winged friends, as they circle and soar from above. Taking in the big picture, which helps them focus on what sustains them.

Love to Pixie Campbell and my SouLodge sisters for their continued support and inspiration to see views I never imagined.

Use your flight to its highest abilities. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and look at life with a new perspective. Aho.



  1. You are awesome! You inspire me to see the world with bigger, brighter and more creative eyes. Aho.

  2. You've got really pretty pictures in your blog!