Sunday, July 29, 2012

Invisible Ceilings and My New Day...

Lots of questions, discussions, shedding, idea-storminations… happening with my souLodge sisters and then ahhhh, a magical Soul-Storming hour…

I don’t often speak well with words, they often come in small bursts or blurbs of thought that only my soul might understand. My heart sees with imagery more often and so I share with you a few words from what shines in me today and a picture to input in the universal GPS (heart you big Maya for that one)
A realization – Every time the lottery gets large I find myself dreaming of having just a portion of that kind of money and visualizing how I would spend my days if I did.

Why do I need to gamble to live the life I fantasize of? What if my heart work sustained me with bounty, allowed me to play out my days doing what I love and sharing that with others. Why do I put limits on my income and what is possible in my heart? I don’t need to win the lottery to pay off my student loans and old credit card debt; to be happy; to stand barefoot in the grass with hands-raised each morning to the east saying thank you.

I am ready to bust open that portal of universal energy of bounty; to share my hearts work; to not live on autopilot with a default of numb.

I want my life to rejuvenate ME every day. I want to consciously create a legacy that shows gratitude and kindness to this universe, to give back and let it sustain me well.

I’ve seen so many women in my life live with this invisible ceiling of possibility.  Our journeys are all different but so much is available to us in this world, if we invite it to the party. So much of our energy is what we surround ourselves with. Art, metal, stones, crystals and gems, sacred talisman and guides - they carry energies that can help balance and protect us on our walks.

Soul work, dream work, journey work is hard, it kicks your ass to the curb and leaves you crying out amounts of snot that no tissue can absorb, then it picks you up and carries you through the front door and hands you a celebratory cocktail.

I take that cool drink today and say cheers - screw that ingrained teaching that I have to live with an invisible ceiling. I hereby promise to un-school my brain from that societal bullshit.

What is your default? How can you break through your invisible ceiling and let your leaves and branches breathe and show their light? 


PS - Stay tuned - big changes coming to Twisted Whimsy as my hope is to help adorn your journey and provide you with pieces of my heart that you can carry and soak positive energy from. 



  1. Oh sweet Joanna! This is SO beautiful. I love all the sacred intention setting that is happening these days. All this forward movement. And I am honored beyond words that we will be SouLstorming together ❤❤❤

    As for this beautiful post of yours ~ it makes me just want to curl up with you in some gorgeous meadow or at the edge of the sea, looking up at the clouds or out at the horizon and share all our most cherished, profound, BIG LIGHT dreams with one another. And then bury them in the earth so she can nourish them and we can nourish each other while our BIG visions grow side by side.

    So much of this post resonates with me. I adore you woman! Thank you for this post sister.


    1. Make me cry Sarah! I will add our dream meeting to my must do list! I look forward to sharing so much with you, you are a HUGE inspiration and light to me! xoxo